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Walter Bright

Twitter: @WalterBright
GitHub: Walter Bright

Walter Bright is the creator and first implementer of the D programming language and has implemented compilers for several other languages. He is an expert in all areas of compiler technology, including front ends, optimizers, code generation, interpreter engines and runtime libraries. Walter regularly writes articles about compilers and programming, is known for engaging and informative presentations, and provides training in compiler development techniques. Many are surprised to discover that Walter is also the creator of the wargame Empire, which is still popular today over 30 years after its debut.

Speaking Engagements



  • The D Programming Language
    Digital Mars D compiler
    D Programming Language Specification

  • C and C++ compilers:
    • Digital Mars C++
    • Symantec C++
    • Zortech C++ (the first native C++ compiler)
    • Zorland C
    • Datalight C
    • Northwest Software C

  • Empire the Wargame of the Century
    The first and often imitated classic strategic computer wargame.

  • ABEL Advanced Boolean Expression Language compiler
    Walter designed this language in the 80's for Data I/O, there are now an estimated 50,000 users of it

  • DMDScript ECMA 262 Script compiler/interpreter
    20 times faster than Netscape Javascript, and twice as fast as Microsoft jscript. Walter is the primary author of Sun's ECMA 262 Script engine.

  • Symantec Visual Cafe's Java compiler. Still the fastest.

  • Las Vegas Roulette
    for Mattel Intellivision


United States Patents

  • Patent 7831208 Wireless mobile phone having encoded data entry facilities
  • Patent 7812993 Lossy method for compressing images and video
  • Patent 7711748 Method and apparatus for simplified access to online services
  • Patent 7028033 Method and apparatus for simplified access to online services
  • Patent 6897977 Lossy method for compressing pictures and video
  • Patent 6850782 Wireless device with vibrational communication capabilities
  • Patent 6657647 Controlling the order in which content is displayed in a browser
  • Patent 6418323 Wireless mobile phone with Morse code and related capabilities

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D Programming Language

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Zortech C++

Zorland C

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Interstel Empire

Las Vegas Roulette